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SoftCOM-Restructuring Telecom

Huawei SoftCOM restructure the telecom industry from architecture, networking to business operation, representing the next-generation network.

Operations Transformation

Experience drives re-structure of operational infrastructure, and leads to business outcomes of the transformation.

FMC2.0, Best Experience of Ultra-Broadband

Operators will need to find ways to provide superior experiences, so as to gain success in the ultra-broadband (UBB) industry.

Data Center Consolidation and Cloudification

Carriers transforms to digital services. IT and CT will be converged and carried on data centers.

Accelerate Digitalization

“Digital Tide” is coming. Every business should be prepared to meet the digital revolution.

Ubiquitous MBB Network

MBB is changing people’s life and reshaping the network, industrial chain, and social structure.


Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2015

ROADS to MBB 2020, Building A Better Connected World
Hong Kong
2-5 Nov, 2015


UBBS World Tour 2016

UBB 2020, Towards a Gigaband World

April - September, 2016


Ultra-Broadband Forum 2015

UBB 2020, Towards a gigaband world
Madrid, Spain
8-9 Sep, 2015