Customer Experience Management

Huawei is committed to maximize the value of customer experience insight, whether through analyzing network experience, service experience, interactional experience or the customer’s personal experiences.

Network Experience PLUS

Operators in different countries face different competitors and therefore have different goals on the quality brand MBB. To determine whether their networks are quality brand MBB, operators rely on either social media, reputation or benchmarking.

E2E Network Planning and Integration

Huawei has a consultative approach and innovative E2E Network Planning and Evolution Service that enables operators to identify key hotspots for investment and build end user experience oriented, high quality networks. 

OSS Evolving from Support to Enabling

OSS needs to transforms to service, centralization, and cloud based business and delivery mode, namely the OSS as a Service model.

NFV Integration and Operation

NFV as a disruptive technological change, which makes telecom operator's network architecture is more open, more flexible service deployment.

Data Center New-build & Consolidation

As the basis and core of ICT service computing, storage and distribution, data center functions as the strategy anchor for ICT transformation.

Operations Transformation

Operations Transformation is not easy and the operators need to consider the complexity of managing all aspects of transformation. 

Digital Business and Operations Transformation Strategies 

Huawei BES (Business Enabling System): The next generation business support systemthat supports operator digital transformation.

IT Operations & Transformation

Operators are transforming their IT from the traditional sustain function to business function as a role of capabilities-opened business platform. 

Digital Services Aggregation and Operation

Digital incloud build digital ecosystems through reconstruction relationship between operators and partners, open carrier network capability by aggregation, open and innovative. 

Maximize Network Energy Efficiency

Helps operators evaluate network energy efficiency and proposes solutions for improving energy efficiency to make network energy visual, manageable, and controllable, lowering the OPEX and improving profits for operators.

Spectrum & Network Evolution

Spectrum and network evolution give out a method to solve site capacity, small cell and macro cell coordination, spectrum complete utilization.

MBB Fundamental Network

Huawei is maximizing current network asset usage by continuously exploring network potential and providing MBB networks with seamless coverage and the best user experience.

4G Convergent Communications Evolution

4G communications evolution enables all-round upgrades for user experience, business innovation for carriers, evolution from CS to all-IP VoLTE, and IT-based transformation.

Small Cell, New Business Model in Big Data Era

80% of data traffic is generated from hotspots and indoor locations. Small Cell will fully release traffic potential, becoming the key for operators to improve MBB network performance and user experience. 

MBB User Migration Solution

Huawei MBB user migration solution may help more subscribers enjoy better mobile network and experience.

Video Everywhere

Video will be the next main source of revenue. Operators have big opportunity and advantages to monetize video service. Huawei is the top vendor of end-to-end video solutions, serving 70 operators and 30 million subscribers, with 37 million subscriber capacity.

best experience mobile bearer network

Best-Experience Bearer Network Solution

Huawei has endeavored to build a low-delay, high-throughput simplified network for carriers and provide best-experience services, culminating in the best-experience bearer network solution.

Business Transformation for Mobile Operators

Cross-border competition is intensifying. Merely providing mobile services can no longer stay competitive; therefore, mobile operators are moving towards FMC.

MSO Business Transformation

MSO Business Transformation

With Gigaband on the horizon, Huawei's MSO E2E solution aims to help MSOs transform traditional HFC networks into all-digital GigaCoax networks for access at Gbit/s speeds.