Huawei's E2E WDM/OTN intelligent optical transport solution is applicable the backbone core layer, metro core layer, metro aggregation layer, metro edge access layer, and DCI scenarios. This solution integrates Huawei's innovativeness and experience to provide various industry-leading technologies, including the following:

  • 400G/200G OTN high capacity transport
  • Ultra-large OTN cross-connect capacity (25.6T for a single subrack and 100T+ for a cluster)
  • Ultra-long haul transmission using SDFEC2
  • Unified service access of multi-service OTN (MS-OTN)
  • ASON/T-SDN intelligent control plane

The WDM/OTN solution is reliable and easy to maintain, providing flexible transmission and fast service provisioning that allows carriers to offer diversified and attractive services.

Huawei ranks No. 1 in the global optical network market, 100G market, backbone WDM market, and metro WDM market, according to information released by Ovum, a well-known consulting firm in the telecom industry.

Related Solutions

OSN 9800 U Series

The OptiX OSN 9800 U series is a next-generation OTN product that features large capacity, ASON, and the integration of OTN and packet functions. Mainly deployed on super networks and regional networks, it is the best 100G/400G OTN platform in the industry.

OSN 9600 U Series

The OptiX OSN 9600 U series is a next-generation large-capacity OTN product that supports ASON and integrates OTN and packet functions. Intended for 100G and beyond 100G, it is applicable to various networks, including super-backbone, regional, and metro networks.

OSN 9800 M24

The OptiX OSN 9800 M24 is a next-generation large capacity OTN product developed on new software and hardware platforms. It is mainly used for metro network nodes.

OSN 8800 Series

The OptiX OSN 8800 is mainly deployed on national backbone networks, regional/provincial backbone networks, and metro networks.

OSN 1800 Series

The OptiX OSN 1800 integrates both OTN and WDM features to uniformly transmit various services at the metro network edge, including broadband, private line, and mobile services.

OSN 850

The OptiX OSN 850 is a desktop transport device that receives and transmits client-side GE and 10GE LAN services. It supports remote management and maintenance.

OSN 810

The OptiX OSN 810 is a WDM-based full-outdoor active transport device. It can be used for service transmission on metro C-RAN networks and supports hybrid transmission of CPRI 2–CPRI 8, GE/10GE LAN, OBSAI, and SDH services.