Fixed Network

With the development of cloud computing, IoT, and 4K video industry chains, the fixed broadband industry has entered a new round of rapid development. Carriers have put full-service operations, 4K ultra-HD video, and SDN at the core of their business strategies. Globally, fixed broadband has become a focal point for investment in the ICT industry.

In the construction of ultra-broadband networks,full-service operations featuring FMC have become a business strategy for many carriers and end users seek an inspired experience. Users' continued pursuit of a better experience calls for the vertical integration of network infrastructure and Internet content. In 2014, Huawei upgraded FMC to FMC2.0—which incorporates FBB, MBB, and content—to help carriers build full-service networks that deliver an optimal service experience. As a result, carriers have not only improved their competitiveness and customer loyalty, but also achieved sustainable and profitable growth through content control.

People's demands for display and screen experience are far from satisfied. 4K ultra-HD video technology is becoming mature and will be applied on a large scale over the next two years. Against this backdrop, carriers will need to optimize their networks to support high-quality 4K/8K video. SDN brings business value to carriers in terms of open innovation, efficient operations, and simplified O&M. Its value has been verified in commercial use, and SDN will be deployed commercially in the future. Enterprises need hybrid cloud in the cloud era. Cloud connectivity will present carriers with strategic opportunities in the cloud service market. In the FMC2.0 era where carriers will converge FBB, MBB, and content, networks will be optimized in terms of applications, cloud, and experience. We will continue to adopt an open and innovative attitude, provide more competitive solutions to facilitate industry development, and become a trusted strategic partner of our global customers.