Building 5G-oriented Telco Cloud towards Autonomous Core Network


Building 5G-oriented Telco Cloud towards Autonomous Core Network

[The Hague, Netherland, October 17th, 2019] Mr. Leo Ma, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Marketing Dept., delivered a keynote speech at SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague, Netherland entitled “Building 5G-oriented Telco Cloud towards Autonomous Core Network”.

In his speech, he pointed out that entire telecom industry is embracing 5G, and it is imperative to establish an agile and efficient telecommunications cloud to build an autonomous core network now.

5G has become a reality, typical 5G scenarios such as Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC), and massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC), place higher requirements on networks. With the advent of 4k/8k, VR videos and games, along with trends such as enterprise cloudification, telecom networks must provide high bandwidth, deterministic low latency, and agility. Huawei's telecom cloud solution helps operators to build an agile, and efficient telecom cloud so that the network gets prepared to meet the diversified requirements of the 5G and the operators can achieve its ultimate desire of business agility.

During a technological deep dive Leo mentioned 3 key aspects in network transformation to 5G.

Micro-service architecture and containers bring true agility

Huawei had decided to use Cloud Native right from the beginning of 5G development. Huawei is the first to put stateless design and microservices into commercial use. In addition, Huawei has introduced container technology for more agile network deployment and faster service rollout. In terms of deployment mode, it is recommended that bare-metal containers be used at new sites and gradually replace VM-based containers at legacy sites.

Heterogeneous hardware acceleration minimizes cost per bit and meets the 5G performance requirements

With the unique distributed heterogeneous telco cloud technology, Huawei solutions introduces the Kunpeng platform and hardware acceleration to resolve the performance gap of COTS hardware and meet the requirements of 10-fold traffic growth in the 5G era. Huawei is the industry's only vendor that provides commercial distributed gateways. Huawei user plane gateways feature high integration, one-stop deployment, heterogeneous hardware, plug-and-play, maintenance-free, and unified configuration and maintenance. With these technologies, Huawei is able to offer carriers solutions with high performance, powerful functions, and fewer space requirements.

AI & Network Autonomy Improves Business & Operation Efficiency

Huawei is the only vendor in the industry that implements end-to-end automation on commercial telco clouds. Leveraging the advanced automation tool chain and the profound experience database, Huawei solutions support one-click, pipeline-based, automatic deployment. AI-empowered O&M tools provide proactive fault detection, self-healing, cross-layer fault association, and ML-based fault detection and root cause analysis.