Internal IT Cloud Solution

Internal IT Cloud Solution

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Customer Benefits
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    Lower TCO

    • Reduction of high warranty and license fees
    • Consolidation of old and new systems and facilities
    • Higher IT resource utilization

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    Simplified architecture for higher efficiency

    • A unified cloud management platform
    • Unified resource pool management
    • Unified O&M

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    Faster innovation and shorter TTM

    • Open cloud architecture
    • Rebuilding applications using cloud-native technologies
    • Faster innovation using containers and microservices

Cloud-based Consolidation of Internal IT

Huawei's CMP multi-cloud management platform provides a unified access point and lifecycle management for cloud services.

With a microservices-based, standards-compliant architecture plus open APIs, the cloud platform can easily connect with third-party systems.

Unified management
You can migrate some of your applications to the public cloud and manage them together with applications residing on a private cloud using a unified cloud management platform, enabling unified configuration and O&M of hybrid cloud resources. Distributed resources can be shared with high efficiency and flexibility.

Easily Build Your Internal IT Cloud Using Huawei's Standardized, Professional Services

Professional team
50+ consultants & SA experts
100+ global service delivery experts, 500+ local service teams, and 1,000+ partners
200+ certified experts, including TOGAF, COA, CCIE, CISSP, HCIP, and HCIE

Professional tools
Planning and design: HCS Designer
Deployment: HCS Deploy
Automated deployment: ADE/HUMEP
Automated inspection: FusionCare

Best practices
Lessons learned from 100+ successful projects
The choice of 10+ global tier-1 carriers
30+ mainstream partners

Methodology: 4S + 6R

Four steps (4S):
Step-by-step cloud transformation based on Huawei's own experience:
Step 1: Migrate applications serving external users.
Step 2: Migrate applications for internal productivity improvement.
Step 3: Migrate core production systems.
Step 4: Migrate or rebuild applications for new businesses.

Six "Res" (6R):
Inspired by Gartner's 5R model for cloud transformation, Huawei defined its own 6R model regarding how to move a large organization's internal IT to the cloud. We believe this model can work perfectly in transforming carriers' many monolithic applications.