OneStorage Solution

OneStorage Solution

The Huawei new-gen OneStorage data infrastructure solution integrates different storage devices into a unified resource pool over an open architecture. OneStorage offers full-service coverage for carriers with three key capabilities: SLA-based allocation, intelligent management, and multi-cloud interconnection. It provides efficient management, fast processing, and green and reliable data storage to enable carrier workloads.

Solution Highlights

  • Converged Storage Resource Pool for Diverse Workloads

    Integrates legacy siloed architectures into a unified resource pool, and classifies different storage devices to multiple tiers. Identifies complex workloads based on the intelligent engine, and matches them to optimal storage resources, in order to utilize resources efficiently, distribute workloads evenly, and expand capacity rapidly.

  • Highly Automated, Intelligent Data Management

    Implements full-lifecycle management, covering resource planning, provisioning, O&M, optimization, and protection based on prediction and automation engines. Enables quick fault locating, self-healing, and zero-touch operations with capacity, performance, and fault prediction.

  • Cloud-Ready, Open Architecture

    A set of open and unified APIs interconnect to multiple cloud platforms, implementing zero-threshold, zero-cost, and plug-and-play features. Cloud resources support data backup, disaster recovery, and online/offline data mobility.

Customer Benefits
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    Lower Running Cost

    Guarantees SLAs and implements unified scheduling and resource sharing. Resource utilization is improved by 40%+, and TCO is effectively reduced.

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    Efficient Management

    E2E intelligent O&M simplifies storage management and enables one set of software to manage multi-site, multi-vendor devices, preventing vendor lock-in and improving management efficiency 5-fold.

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    Smooth Evolution

    Supports service deployment across multiple cloud platforms, enabling flexible deployment for cloud transformation.