AFRICA IP GALA 2023 - Huawei

Africa IP GALA 2023




  • Terry He

    President of Huawei Northern Africa
  • Steven Zhao

    Vice President of Huawei Datacom Product Line
  • John OMO

    Secretary-General of ATU

  • Mohamed Ben Amor

    Director-General of AICTO

  • Latif Ladid

    Founder & President of the IPv6 Forum
  • Tayeb Ben Meryem

    Vice President of IPv6 Forum

  • Emir Halilovic

    Research Director of Global Data

  • Oussama Samet

    Executive Director of Networks Development of Tunisie Telecom

  • Nathan van Rooyen

    MTN GM-Head of Centre of Excellence - Enterprise Architecture and Integration Services

  • Alvaro Retana

    IETF IAB Member
  • Wu Qin

    IETF IAB Member
  • Feng Su

    Vice President of Huawei Network Marketing & Solution Sales Department

  • Xiao Xipeng

    Head of Datacom SID, Huawei Europe IETF v6ops WG co-chair

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