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Huawei Releases New 5G Products and Solutions, Poised to Bring New Value

[London, UK, February 20, 2020] At the Huawei product and solution launch in London, Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of Huawei's Carrier BG, delivered a keynote titled "5G, Bring New Value". Ding released Huawei's new 5G products and solutions and launched the 5G Partner Innovation Program. These efforts aim to build a thriving 5G ecosystem and make 5G a commercial success.

China Mobile (Zhejiang) and Huawei’s NB-IoT Smart Fire Control Won the GSMA GLOMO ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities’ Award

[Shenzhen, China, February 27, 2020] GSMA announced the winner list of GLOMO Awards 2020. China Mobile Zhejiang Group and Huawei’s joint entry ‘NB-IoT Smart Fire Control’ stood out from intense competitions and won the “Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities” award, which was granted to the organisation which has re-set the bar for what it means to be a ‘Smart City’, the ultimate manifestation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

China Eastern Airlines, China Unicom, and Huawei Wins GSMA GLOMO "Best Mobile Technology for Work" Award

[London, UK, February 25, 2020] China Eastern Airlines, China Unicom, and Huawei won GSMA’s “Best Mobile Technology for Work Award”. The award was given to honor the three parties for their successful deployment of the world's first 5G smart travel solution at China's Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Huawei Atlas 900 AI Cluster Wins the GSMA GLOMO Tech of the Future Award

[London, UK, February 25, 2020] Today, GSMA awarded Huawei Atlas 900 AI cluster with the Global Mobile Awards 2020 (GLOMO Awards) – Tech of the Future Award. Atlas 900 stood out with its world-leading AI computing power, ultimate heat dissipation system, and best-in-class cluster network.

Huawei Releases Best 5G Network to Empower Business Success

[London, UK, February 20, 2020] At the Huawei product and solution launch in London, Peng Song, President of Huawei's Carrier BG Marketing and Solution Sales Dept, delivered a keynote. During this keynote, he announced the release of a cutting-edge 5G network, which is intended to help operators achieve commercial 5G success.

Huawei Launches HiCampus Solution Globally

[London, UK, February 20, 2020] Today, Huawei released its HiCampus solution globally. Powered by Huawei's pioneering 5G, optical transmission, and AI technologies, the solution provides enterprises with fully wireless access, optical connections, and intelligent services across their entire campuses. HiCampus is designed to help enterprises build next-generation networks that deliver an improved user experience, lower power consumption, and faster service innovation.

Huawei and industry partners jointly launch 5G modules based on HiSilicon's pre-module Solution

[February, 20, 2020, London, UK] Huawei and industry partners jointly launched a series of industrial and consumer modules developed based on HiSilicon's 5G pre-module, speeding up the large-scale adoption of 5G across a range of industries.

Huawei Launches Industry’s First Monetization Solution for 5G SA Network

[London, UK, February 20, 2020] Huawei has launched Convergent Billing System (CBS) R20 – the industry’s first ever 5G SA network based monetization solution in London today. The solution has already been deployed over the stc Kuwait 5G SA’s network, where as the “Dedicated Access” was offered to enterprises with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Huawei Unveils 10 Key Enablers for Accelerating Global Commercial Adoption of 5G

[London, UK, February 20, 2020] Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei 5G Product Line, unveiled Huawei's 10 key enablers of 5G, including the full-series all-scenario ultra-broadband products and solutions to facilitate all frequency band evolution to 5G, and the innovative end-to-end super uplink and slicing solutions to help operators build full-service capabilities. These offerings are intended to better cater for end users, home users, and industry users to secure business success in the 5G era.

Huawei Unveils Industry First Deterministic Networking Oriented 5G Core Network

[London, UK, February 21, 2020] Huawei launched a press conference in London to showcase its latest products and solutions. The industry's first deterministic networking oriented 5G core network solution made its debut at the conference. Pivoting on the key concept of "Cloud Native, One Core, Real-time Operation, and Edge Computing", the solution provides differentiated connectivity and SLA assurance, to empower all industries.

Huawei Launches Industry's First Liquid OTN Optical Transport Solution

[London, UK, February 21, 2020] Following the release of the Intelligent OptiX Network strategy in 2019, Huawei has launched the world's first Liquid OTN optical transport solution, AirPON optical access solution, and embedded AI (eAI) ONT optical terminal products.

Huawei Launches Industry’s First Site Digital Twins Based 5G Digital Engineering Solution

[London, UK, February 21, 2020] Huawei has launched its ground-breaking 5G digital engineering solution at the Products and Solutions Launch today. It is the industry’s first ever solution which works on the idea of site digital twins proposed by Huawei. The solution creates a digital replica of a physical site, enabling digital operations on the digital site. Completely overhauling the traditional delivery model, it accelerates 5G rollout.

Huawei Releases First-ever 5G Service Experience-Based Network Planning Criteria

[London, UK, February 21, 2020] Today, Huawei has released the first-ever 5G Service Experience-based Network Planning Criteria in London. The criteria can help carriers cope with the new challenges of differentiated experience requirements of new services in the 5G era. They will enable carriers transform from network planning based on traditional telecom services to precise network planning based on digital service experience. In this way, carriers’ network planning is more efficient and their investment is more accurate while providing high-quality experience for 5G users.

A dazzling Day 1 at the Huawei Products & Solutions Launch in London

A dazzling Day 1 at the Huawei #5GBringNewValue Products & Solutions Launch in London saw the unveiling of groundbreaking #5G innovations. Take a look at the highlights and stay tuned for more exciting footage coming up today!

What are the 4 key features of Huawei’s?5G?products and solutions?

What are the 4 key features of Huawei’s?#5G?products and solutions??#Huawei?President of Carrier BG Marketing & Solution Sales Department Peng Song had the answer at the?#5GBringNewValue?event in London.?

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#Huawei President of Carrier Business Ryan Ding announced a US$20 million investment in #5G development over the next 5 years. What else did he say in his keynote speech at Huawei’s Products & Solutions Launch? Watch to find out.

[Huawei News] Products and Solutions Launch

It’s a hugely exciting day in London, where the focus is firmly on the future, as #Huawei hosts the “#5G, Bring New Value” Products & Solutions Launch. We have big announcements and key insights into next-gen tech innovations. Stay tuned!

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