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Mobile World Congress 2019 - Huawei,mwc2019


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We are in an age of surging innovation. New technologies like 5G, AI, IoT, and cloud computing are more important than ever. The ICT industry is entering a new cycle, and has become the foundation for digital economies and an intelligent world.

As a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure, Huawei is committed to helping carriers expand the boundaries of their business and find paths to new growth. To explore these opportunities and more, we cordially invite you to join us at Mobile World Congress 2019. Here you will meet industry visionaries, opinion leaders, and potential partners for in-depth discussion and insight into the latest industry trends.

Hot Topics

  • 5G is ON

    5G development is accelerating at speeds beyond imagination.

    Leading global operators are developing 5G commercial deployment faster than ever–the industry is already prepared for various fields including 5G standards, products, terminals, security, and business.

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  • Innovation

    Inspiring New Growth

    As a strategic partner, Huawei provides innovative scenario-based business solutions tapping into the potential of connectivity and helping customers resolve pain points, expand commercial boundaries, and achieve business success.

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  • AI

    Enabling Intelligent Operations

    Based on an all-cloud network architecture, Huawei presents a full-stack, all-scenario AI capability, with the aim of building a steadfast "autonomous driving network" featuring automation, self-optimization, self-healing, and autonomy.

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  • Digital platform

    As the core engine to drive the success of customers in digital transformation, Huawei’s digital platform integrates the ICT Infrastructure and the Intelligent OS embedded with new ICT capabilities, along with partners. It empowers customers to realize the data sharing...

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Huawei at MWC2019

FEB 20

Media and Analyst Briefing

At the event, you will receive Huawei’s latest strategies and Huawei’s theme and highlights for MWC 2019. There will also be opportunities to have in-depth conversations and share insights with industry experts and opinion leaders to explore and discuss the latest trends in the industry.

FEB 24

Huawei Day0 Forum 2019

Let’s center on building new businesses, networks, and development of the 5G industry. How does 5G make digital platforms and services more efficient, and the digital transformation of operator business operations faster? We’ll explore how operators harness multipurpose innovations to generate growth.

FEB 25

Huawei Digital Transformation of Industries Summit

What are the core requirements and challenges of industry pioneers? What makes digital transformation a possibility? Huawei is going to release its key strategies and solutions. We have invited industry leaders and customers to share their insights and best practices in digital transformation.

FEB 25-FEB28


At the MWC 2019, Huawei will focus on emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT and Cloud. It will also showcase its new ICT products and solutions to carriers and partners to promote openness, collaboration, and shared success.

GSMA Meetings

Booth Overview

MWC2018 Review

At the MWC 2018, Huawei was presenting technologies and solutions for 5G, All-Cloud network, video, and IoT. Huawei launched over 20 new products, showcased the results of its work with over 300 partners, hosted five forums, and shared its experience and ideas with the industry. The aim is to jointly embark on the ROADS to a fully-connected, intelligent world.