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NGON 2023 & Huawei Optical Innovation Forum 2023

OTN to EverySite, Inspiring New Growth

May 30-June 1, 2023

Cannes, France

Points of view

Optical transport networks have a bright future. 400G is starting deployment on a large scale, and ROADM solution is extended to metro network, promoting the development of optical networks. Lan Redpath
Research Director, TResearch Director, Transport Networks and Components, Omdia

"T.U.R.B.O" All-Optical Target Network includes the "T-shaped" target network architecture, U-Unified access,R-Resilient connection,B-Autonomous network Brain,and O-All Optical switching. Huawei will continue to work with global operators in using the "T.U.R.B.O" all-optical target network to help achieve digital transformation in various industries, thereby continuously improving efficiency and increasing revenue in the digital era. Victo Zhou
President, Optical Transport Network Domain, Huawei

Alps-WDM shows that automation & pooling proven to be useful for metro network evolution. It can realize “0” wavelength waste and “1” click with E2E automation. Juan Pedro Fernandez Palacios
Head of Unit ‘Transport Networks’,  Telefonica Global CTIO

Huawei's solutions for All-optical target network include full series of 400G that can smoothly evolve to 1.2T, Super C120+L120 for ultra-wide specturm, Alps-WDM for the best TCO-effective metro application, end-to-end OXC+OSU for all-optical connections, NCE T-AUTO enabling automation for planning, construction, maintenance and optimization, and Network as a Service. Dr. Liu Xiang
Fellow of IEEE and OSA

Through availability visualization, availability evaluation, and flexible ASON adjustment, BNET provides an all-optical base with high reliability and zero interruption for Bahrain's national digital strategy. Sh. Ebrahim bin Mohamed Al Khalifa
Chief Operating Officer, Bahrain Network

Based on the transport digital map, all-optical network automation provides a highly reliable all-optical base that is visualized, differentiated, and automated, Promoting the digitalization of the industry with high-quality connections. Dr. Christopher Janz
Technical VP of Optical Systems Competency Center, Huawei

As a communication hub of Asia, Europe and Africa, Turkcell continuously invests to new generation optical network and use cutting-edge technologies to build Fiber Silk Road to provide customers with the best services and the most stable network connection and enrich people's communication and life. Seçil EKIM
Core Transport Network Master Expert of Turkcell

Rapid service changes require solid foundation network. The IPoWDM solution failed completely in the 100G era, and still not addressed four major risks in 400G era: low performance, complex O&M, difficult network evolution and high TCO. Meanwhile, The IP+ WDM/OTN solution is the consensus of operators towards future strategy. Italo Busi
IETF Standards Expert, Huawei

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Richard Jin

President of Huawei's Optical Business Product Line

Richard Jin

President of Huawei's Optical Business Product Line

Huawei sincerely invites you to the 25th NGON and the 10th Huawei Optical Innovation Forum, which will be held from May 30th to June 1st, 2023 in Cannes, France.

The NGON Forum is the world's largest commercial forum in the optical transport field. It provides a platform for discussing industry development trends and business solutions in the optical field. All of the major optical industry practitioners in the world in the WDM field will be present at the event, now in its 25th installment.

From May 31st to June 1st, NGON will bring together global operators and solution providers for a two-day deep-dive into the latest trends in the optical field. At the event, you can learn about innovative practices from leading operators and partners, in addition to the latest insights from senior analysts.

The 10th Huawei Optical Innovation Forum will also be held on May 30th in Cannes, France. Here, we will introduce the new network architectures, solutions and cutting-edge technologies of the Green Agile Optical Network. Some of the key topics to be covered include 400G everywhere, OTN to every-site, OTN premium private line, SDH migration, and network automation. What’s more, The new Alps-WDM, single-wavelength 1.2T, and OTN P2MP solutions will be demonstrated at that time.

As the principal sponsor of the NGON event and the host of the Optical Innovation Forum, Huawei cordially invites you and your team to attend both events to discuss the challenges faced by the industry, and explore corresponding solutions.

We look forward to meeting you!