“AI for IT & Network Operations (AIOps)" Catalyst at TM Forum DTW

AIOps (AI for IT & Network Operations) Catalyst proof-of-concept project enables CSPs to provide better and richer services whilst managing the growing complexity of their business and infrastructure needs albeit continuing to focus on optimizing their operational costs.

[Shenzhen, China, May 23, 2019] The AIOps Catalyst is a joint innovation program from leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and partners, including Huawei Services. The AIOps Catalyst, showcased at the Digital Transformation World (DTW) held in Nice, France by TM Forum, explored seven AI-based use cases around how to improve the customer experience, quality and efficiency by optimizing CSP processes and operations.

The Catalyst proved that AI functions can add tremendous potential to address the operator’s needs and that AI has left the hype stage delivering tangible improvements and opportunities within our industry.

The AIOps Catalyst combined the initiatives of 6 large CSPs and 5 vendors to deliver AI focused efficiency and business performance improvements within operations through:

  • Add intelligence to customer generated network trouble tickets to identify and rectify patterns from dissatisfied users thereby reducing the number of complaints at the contact center
  • Reduce operations costs by decreasing the manual efforts required to identify network faults within millions of KPIs
  • Home broadband fault prediction that uses intelligent learning to predict faults before they occur and optimize an area to improve customer satisfaction and improve retention
  • AI-Driven Capacity Management to understand business peak shifts within the network to enable the accurate expansion of base station capacity thereby reduce excessive CAPEX.
  • Setting up a continual service improvements in order to reduce OPEX by identifying and preventing strategic and tactical gaps in service performance.
  • The 7 “live” use cases demonstrated that all areas of operations can gain significant improvements to service quality, whilst providing greater efficiency and customer experience, in line with business expectations of the 6 CSPs. To ensure all can benefit from these insights and as part of the collaborative essence of TM Forum, the AIOps Catalyst is contributing back to the TM Forum collaboration programs, in particular to the TM Forum AI Program with all its multiple assets.

    "By leading the TM Forum AIOps joint innovation program, Huawei Service makes a commitment and states our full engagement to invest on Intelligent IT & Network Operations solutions, like HUAWEI SmartCare®, ITO, AUTIN and Robust Network Service. The results showcased at DTW Nice are spectacular and we're inspired to develop this further as part of our strategic direction.” Zheng Ruguo, Huawei Global Technical Service CMO, said.

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