All-Optical Network Enables Premium Experiences in the Post-Pandemic Era

All-Optical Network Enables Premium Experiences in the Post-Pandemic Era

Claudio Lugari, Director of Huawei Transport Network Solutions

The global pandemic has deeply altered the way we live and how we work.

Instead of going out to meet friends or jetting off to exotic holiday destinations, 60% of people around the world opted to spend their holidays at home during the COVID 19 outbreak. According to Huawei Research, over 300 million employees worked from home, while 127 million students continued their studies remotely. Consequently, the number of people shopping online increased six-fold during this uncertain period.

Home schooling requires premium home broadband

During the pandemic, education has emerged as a major concern for both parents and teachers, with many families working hard to create a suitable online learning environment for their children. As a home network with zero buffering and zero disconnections is key to ensuring high-quality online learning, bandwidth must be guaranteed. In addition, end-to-end network latency cannot exceed 150 ms in order to facilitate real-time interaction between children and teachers. As such, the home network, access network, and private line to the education cloud all require premium connections.

Live commerce requires an end-to-end premium private network

More and more consumers are shopping online, and live commerce — a combination of livestreaming and e-commerce — is becoming increasingly popular, enabling brands to interact with potential buyers in real time and create buzz around products. However, the rise of this new form of e-commerce introduces demanding network requirements. For example, buffering and packet loss can cause a live commerce anchor with 10 million followers to lose 50,000 followers every second, and any disconnections will prove disastrous. For end users, these issues might deny them the opportunity to snap up the products they love. In order to ensure a smooth interaction between users and anchors, while also maintaining the activity of platform users and improving their loyalty, livestreaming platforms must ensure end-to-end network latency remains within 100 ms at all times.

Online banks require the highest private line availability

Enterprises worldwide are accelerating the rollout of online capabilities, aiming to further improve their services by migrating business applications to the cloud. For banks, the high-speed interconnections between branches, outlets, and HQ data centers are key to digital transformation. Private line availability must be higher than 99.99%, and the end-to-end network latency must be less than 5 ms. In the post-pandemic era, we expect an increasing number of companies to accelerate their cloud migration.

All optical network architecture is the simplest and best choice

To adapt to the needs of premium services in the post-pandemic era, Huawei believes that the simplest and best option is to build an all-optical network architecture. Ultra-fast transmission based on 200G/400G up to 800G technologies enables the high-speed interconnection of the backbone network, achieving 100G capacity on metro and access networks. At the same time, OTNs are moved to COs, seamlessly connecting enterprises, homes, and wireless base stations. The end-to-end next-generation OTN, OXC, and intelligent management and control system enable one-hop connections on all-optical networks, future-proofing network architecture for the next ten years.

Featuring a capacity of 48 Tbit/s, ms-level end-to-end latency, and 99.99% availability, this powerful network satisfies all the requirements of premium private lines, video, and wireless services.

Huawei's innovative all-optical network solutions enable operators to provide premium connectivity for users in the post-pandemic era.