Packet Core


Packet Core

PS 960540

The Huawei SingleEPC/CloudEdge solution is a comprehensive, reliable, and high capacity Packet Core solution with flexible deployment. This solution combines GSM/UMTS/CDMA/LTE/Wi-Fi access and provides carriers with diversified value-added solutions, including graphical network representation, LTE voice, traffic monetization, capability exposure, and NFV evolution.

SingleEPC provides an ultra-broadband pipe platform, and solutions such as network collaboration and acceleration, visualization, network openness, and traffic monetization.

The products with the largest capacity and highest performance in the industry are developed on a wide pipe platform as wide as the ocean. Unique self-protection and peripheral NE protection help enhance the reliability and robustness of the entire network.

The network service collaboration and acceleration solution, multi-service engine (MSE), provides intelligent bandwidth management, intelligent charging, and intelligent service optimization services, such as video, web browsing, and TCP optimization, thereby improving user experience and supporting carriers' traffic monetization.

The network visualization solution, performance surveillance (PRS), provides graphical representations of MBB networks, services, subscribers, and terminals, thereby helping carriers improve MBB network operational efficiency and finding new business opportunities.

Customized networks provide forward and backward openness of network capabilities and support new business models, such as B2B2C.

The Huawei CloudEdge solution uses industry-leading cloud computing technology on mobile, service, and IP edge networks. Huawei CloudEdge solution combines CLoudEPC, CloudMSE, CloudUIC, and cloud management and orchestration components. This solution brings carriers more opportunities to shorten time to market for services and reduces end-to-end network costs. CloudEdge has been tested in more than 30 POC projects worldwide and was commercially used in 2014.

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