The Huawei CloudEPC solution uses the network functions virtualization (NFV) technology to virtualize the EPC system. This solution accelerates service launch, builds a more open ecosystem, continuously improves service innovation capabilities, and reduces device purchase and maintenance costs. The CloudEPC is an important part of the Huawei CloudEdge solution and consists of the following network elements (NEs):

  • CloudUSN: supports serving GPRS support node (SGSN) and mobility management entity (MME) functions.
  • CloudUGW: supports serving gateway (S-GW), PDN gateway (P-GW), gateway GPRS support node (GGSN), evolved packet data gateway (ePDG), and trusted gateway  (TGW) functions.
  • CloudCG: supports charging gateway (CG) functions.
  • CloudDNS: supports domain name server (DNS) functions.

Key Features Introduction

Efficient Resource Usage

A large number of sites build data centers to integrate hardware resources. Virtualized resource pools are constructed on the basis of software integration and resource abstraction, thereby implementing centralized management and flexible scheduling of the resources. Each application and each operating system run on independent virtual machines (VMs). By sharing virtualized hardware resources, the Huawei CloudEPC optimizes hardware resource utilization and reduces the types of hardware in use, which enables carriers to quickly respond to market changes.

Flexible Scaling

The CloudEPC supports requirement-based application or release of virtual resources. This ensures efficient resource utilization and complies with the concept of energy saving and emission reduction.

In addition, the virtualization technology enables software and hardware decoupling and therefore optimizes the utilization of hardware resources.

Flexibility and Openness Based on the NFV Architecture

Service-layer software: Third-party apps can be integrated to the CloudEPC so that carriers can provide innovative services.

Standard interfaces: Various virtualization software is supported.

Flexible hardware selection: Various hardware devices are supported, and the hardware devices and virtualized cloud platform constitute the telecom cloud 

infrastructure layer to provide virtual resources and services for the service layer

Fast Service Deployment

Dedicated tools are used in the CloudEPC for automatic service deployment. This shortens the service deployment period by more than 80%..