Functioning as an MSC server, the MSOFTX3000 supports BSS/UTRAN access and provides call control and connection management for voice and data services processed over IP, TDM, or ATM.

The MSOFTX3000 supports hardware such as the E9000, or hardware compliant with OSTA 2.0 or OSTA 5.0. These ICT hardware platforms, OSTA 2.0 and OSTA 5.0, provide carrier-class reliability, and the Huawei E9000 supports evolution to NFV networks.

The E9000-based MSOFTX3000 provides:

A single MSOFTX3000 serves up to 100 million subscribers. An MSC Pool consisting of MSOFTX3000s can serve up to 300 million subscribers.

Smooth evolution to VoLTE: support key function for VoLTE evolution such as, eSRVCC, MGCF, and ICS (mAGCF).

The MSOFTX3000 supports evolution to NFV networks, and the hardware platform can be reused, maximizing return on investment for carriers.