The SE2900 is the next generation SBC oriented for all-IP VoLTE&FMC services. It uses an innovative carrier-class cloud platform and distributed architecture, and inherits Huawei's rich experience in core network, IP, and security fields. As a result, the SE2900 provides professional security, carrier-class reliability, smart interconnection, and unrivalled performance. With the help of the SE2900, carriers can overcome the challenges encountered when deploying all-IP communications networks and developing VoLTE/RCS services.

Application Scenario

The SE2900 can function as an A-SBC or I-SBC to provide audio and video services over IP for carriers and enterprises.

(1) Serving as an A-SBC, the SE2900 offers VoBB/VoLTE/VoWiFi/RCS/UC/IP-PBX access services for different UEs and provides security, CAC, and QoS assurance. It is a highly integrated NE that can provide ATCF/ATGW/EATF/E-CSCF/P-CSCF functions, thereby reducing TCO.

(2) Serving as an I-SBC, the SE2900 supports IP interconnection for international/national gateways/fixed networks and provides network isolation, security, and charging.


(1) Best-in-class security: The SE2900 can analyze call parameters and user behavior, enabling it to effectively defend against transport/application layer DDoS attacks, intelligent attacks, and user behavior attacks as well as improving its overload protection capability. The SE2900's security capabilities are unrivalled.

(2) Seamless interworking: The SE2900 is configurable to perform protocol adaptation, protocol tuning, and transcoding.

(3) Optimal QoS: The audio/video service quality of each user can be monitored through GUIs, which helps quickly locate issues to achieve optimal user experience.