Unified Signaling Controller

Huawei USC is a signaling solution that converges 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signaling — encompassing SS7, Diameter, and HTTP. The USC aggregates signaling links, balances the load among links, and performs overload control, session binding, and subscriber-level flexible routing. It also provides protocol adaptation and security functions such as topology hiding and signaling firewall. The USC is positioned as a fully convergent signaling engine and border firewall, featuring simplified service convergence and high reliability, security, and flexibility, and equipping carriers with the capabilities to cope with the complex and diverse 5G services.

Customer Value
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    Reducing Link Quantity

    The USC enables a star network topology which greatly reduces the number of signaling links, simplifies fault management, facilitates alarm isolation, and improves O&M efficiency.

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    Improving Stability and Robustness

    Built over the stable telecom cloud platform and providing intelligent flow control and multi-level redundancy, the USC guarantees network availability and prevents the network congestion and service disruption caused by signaling storms.

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    Facilitating Agile Service Innovation

    The USC significantly simplifies the interworking between an existing network and new service NEs. In addition, it provides signaling adaptation to enable new NEs to interwork with diverse networks and devices from different vendors, enabling fast rollout of new services.

Solution Features

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Supreme Agility and Reliability

The USC is based on the telecom cloud platform and provides multi-level disaster recovery mechanisms to guarantee 99.999% availability. In addition, container-based microservice architecture is leveraged to support agile software management and fast service deployment.

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Intelligent Flow Control

Boosted with industry-leading signaling processing performance, the USC offers flexible, intelligent flow control to ensure normal service processing in the case of signaling surges, helping carriers deal with explosive traffic growth.

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Multi-Layer Security Protection

The USC includes an industry-leading security protection mechanism, with security strengthened at the hardware, middle, and service layers to ensure an effective defense against potential security threats, enabling users to securely access services.

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Full Service Convergence

The USC is the only signaling solution in the industry that supports full convergence of the STP, DRA, DEA, SCP, BSF, and SEPP. It enables centralized deployment and O&M of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signaling networks, reducing operation costs and facilitating smooth network evolution.