Data Center Infrastructure Management System

Data Center Infrastructure Management System

NetEco6000 is Huawei’s newest management system designed for data center facilities. It uses the SAFE design to monitor and manage data center facilities, including air conditioners, UPS, temperature and humidity sensors, video surveillance, and access control devices in real time. The NetEco6000 management system provides a variety of views and reports, and users are regularly updated with systems’ operating status. The NetEco6000 system can manage data centers throughout lifecycles by using asset and capacity management features. Based on analysis of space, power distribution, and cooling capacity, the system manages data center energy consumption and proposes energy usage suggestions accordingly to ensure high energy efficiency. The NetEco6000 management system provides a standard platform that supports flexible configuration, elastic expansion, and layered management. It can be used as centralized management for buildings and distributed management for regions.

Through digital, networked, intelligent, data center is simple, reliable and efficient

Automated O&M increases efficiency from 120 to 160 cabinets/person

Precise digital management improves resource utilization and assists in data center decision making

Open and flexible management platform supports enterprise agility and cloud evolution