Site Power Facility


Leading Site Energy Digitalization for Ubiquitous Green Connections and Computing


  • iTelecomPower

    Leading energy digitalization and intelligent management, realize 0 increased OPEX and optimal CAPEX, telecom to social site.

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  • Advanced Hybrid Power

    The AI hybrid power supports intelligent scheduling of grid, D.G., and solar energy, maximizing energy efficiency, providing reliable power supply for off grid/ unreliable grid areas, facilitating

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  • NetEco

    Lead intelligent energy network through synergic power, remote O&M and AI big data analysis. Build green, efficient, reliable and secure energy network for optimal OPEX.

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  • CloudLi

    CloudLi-the 5th generation lithium energy solution with local BMS, IoT technology, and cloud BMS. All-scenario connection, simplified cloud O&M, site-network cloud synergy, AI configuration, AI proactive security. Unleashes site potential.

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