Advanced Hybrid Power

Advanced Hybrid Power

The advanced hybrid power solution includes one site one solar solution and intelligent fuel removal solution, providing green and reliable power supply for good grid, unreliable grid, and off-grid areas.

In good grid areas, the one site one solar solution further reduces the site/equipment room electricity fee and carbon emission. The innovative iPV architecture enables flexible deployment and efficient power generation. The system synergy with the Huawei intelligent network management system NetEco to implement intelligent fault diagnosis and anti-theft, helping carriers achieve sustainable development.

In off-grid and unreliable grid areas, the long D.G. working time in the traditional power supply solution brings high OPEX. The intelligent fuel removal solution intelligently schedules solar energy, D.G., grid and lithium battery, greatly reduce the D.G. working time and the site OPEX. Uses industry-leading iSolar, iGrid, and iDiesel technologies and intelligent algorithms to further improve system efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. The unified energy platform enables simple deployment and smooth evolution, protecting investment. Working with the Huawei intelligent network management system NetEco, the solution provides various intelligent O&M management functions, helping reduce O&M costs and improve reliability.

Simple, Efficient, and Intelligent Advanced Hybrid Power Solution


Easy site deployment; modular design, supporting on-demand configuration and smooth evolution. The unified eMIMO power supports multiple power inputs and output modes, enabling smooth solar access.


The Supercharge technology reduces the D.G. working time and battery configuration in unreliable grid and off-grid scenarios. The grid MPPT makes full use of the power grid capability and avoid transformer damage. The iPV architecture reduces shielding loss and E2E generates 20% more power.


AI synergy maximizes energy efficiency: industry-leading intelligent technologies, iGrid, iDiesel, and iSolar, further improve system efficiency and reduce OPEX. Intelligent load management enables precise device-level metering and power backup, supporting precise site management. The NetEco provides visible status of whole network, reducing site visits and O&M costs.