Based on the successful practice in the industry, combined with leading basic material science, Huawei integrates key technologies such as power, electronics, thermodynamics, IoT, AI, etc. from components to network, putting forward the idea of "simple, intelligent, green" telecom energy target network.

The new generation of iTelecomPower Power site energy solution and CO-MIMO equipment room solution help achieve 5G with 0 increased OPEX and optimal CAPEX. Meanwhile, from communication site to social site, maximizing site value.


  • Ultra-high density: High-density power & CloudLi, over 2 times power density than the industry.
  • Fast deployment: One site one cabinet, one site one blade, CO-MIMO solution for ICT convergence site and shared site.
  • Smooth evolution: The eMIMO unified power platform supports simplified evolution in all scenarios.
  • Intelligent

  • Intelligent Features: Synergic power system enables 0 surrounding facility modernization.
  • Green

  • E2E high efficiency:End to end high efficiency design, including efficient power component, efficient cooling system, to reduce energy loss.
  • Green energy: Support flexible solar expansion, reduce energy cost.