Premium Private Line—Issue 01, 2020

Enabling Premium Private Lines with All Optical Network

Special Issue 01, 2020

Industry Perspective

Five-Star Criteria for Private Lines Helping Carriers Expand B2B Services

The criteria redefines the key indicators for enterprise private lines in five dimensions: high availability, large bandwidth, low latency and jitter, service agility, and online self-management. These guide carriers and device vendors through providing differentiated private line products and services.

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Private Line Transformation for Media and Broadcast Service, Operators’ New Blue Ocean Market

Forming the network infrastructure of the video industry, private lines for media and broadcast services have many potential high-value customers that represent an untapped revenue source for operators.

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Hot Technologies

  • Building Premium Private Lines with All Optical Networks

    As a next-generation optical network, Optical Networking 2.0 (ON2.0) enables high-quality private lines featuring guaranteed bandwidth, low latency, high availability, and fast service provisioning. It helps carriers build OTN premium private lines, providing superb service experience and obtaining higher market premium.

  • Liquid OTN Drives the Popularity of OTN Premium Private Lines

    Liquid OTN paves the way for next-generation optical transmission technologies. It provides fine-grained, on-demand bandwidth resources for premium private lines by using flexible small-granularity containers. It adapts to market requirements with flexibility, efficiency, and simplicity, supporting the digital transformation of government and enterprise services.