Anti-APT Based on Big Data Analysis

Today's threat pattern has changed. Advanced threats, such as 0-day attacks, multi-stage internal penetration, and persistent attacks, most frequently occur. However, most traditional security solutions are unable to defend against such advanced threats. To detect and defense against advanced threats, HUAWEI provides an end-to-end and comprehensive solution. It can be aware of the life cycle of advanced threats and detect unknown malicious files to block threats from sources. In addition, it can collect traffic from the whole network for big data analysis to identify attack traffic. Moreover, it interworks with terminal management software to detect and remove malicious files on terminals and reports all detected unknown threats to the cloud security information center for information sharing.


  • Cybersecurity Intelligence System(CIS)

    Cybersecurity Intelligence System (CIS) defends against APT attacks by utilizing technologies such as Big Data analytics and machine learning. To guard key information assets, the CIS accurately identifies and defends against APT attacks.

  • FireHunter6000 sandbox series

    Huawei FireHunter6000 series is a family of next-generation high-performance APT detection systems, which inspect files transferred on the network in a virtual environment to detect unknown malicious files.