SPTN Series Products Introduction

SPTN series products are upgraded to support the SPN feature based on the requirements and challenges of mobile services on the bearer network. Focusing on mobile service requirements for high bandwidth, low latency, flexible connections, and network slicing, the smart management and control of simplified networks are designed to give new meaning to mobile bearer networks, support long-term evolution of mobile services, and build a future-oriented bearer network with the best experience.

In addition to continuously providing ultra-broadband pipes, new technologies such as FlexE are introduced in this series to provide network slicing capabilities, greatly reducing service latency. In terms of protocols, the new-generation routing protocol SR is introduced to provide Layer 3 deployment at the edge and flexible connection capabilities. Service quality visualization and management, automatic service path optimization technologies are developed to implement the intelligent service deployment and O&M capabilities.

The SPTN solution provides a full series of products, including PTN 7900E series, PTN 7900 series, and PTN 900 series, covering access, aggregation, and core networks, to meet future-oriented long-term evolution and differentiated requirements of integrated bearer networks.


  • PTN 7900

    PTN 7900s are next-generation packet transport devices based on the 400G platform and are mainly used at the core/aggre-gation layer of a metropolitan transport network and provincial/national backbone networks to construct a bearer network for mobile services and VIP leased line services.

  • PTN 7900E

    The PTN 7900E is a new-generation Terabit platform. It has ultra-large capacity, more than 100 GE bandwidth, intelligent service, and SDN-based metro packet transport equipment. It is mainly used for the core aggregation layer and provincial / national backbone network of the metropolitan transport network to build a bearer network for mobile services and VIP private line services.

  • PTN 900

    PTN 900s are next-generation multi-service access devices for packet transport and are used on the access side of a bearer network. They are characterized by small size, flexible installation, and easy O&M. PTN 900s support various service features, multiple interface types, and full-service convergence and bearing.