iMaster NCE Autonomous Network Management and Control System

iMaster NCE Autonomous Network Management and Control System

IMaster NCE is the industry's first network automation and intelligence platform that integrates management, control, analysis, and AI functions. It effectively implements business intents on physical networks and provides centralized management, control, and analysis of global networks. Mainly used in data center, enterprise campus, enterprise private line, and carrier network scenarios, iMaster NCE enables resource cloudification, full-lifecycle automation, and analytics-driven intelligent closed-loop management according to business and service intents. iMaster NCE provides open network APIs for rapid integration with IT systems and accelerates service transformation and innovation for carriers and enterprises by improving the simplicity, intelligence, openness, and security of networks.

Key Features

Full-Lifecycle Automation

Intelligent Closed-Loop Management Based on Big Data and AI

Open Programmability Delivering Scenario-based Application Ecosystem

All-Cloud Platform with Ultra-large System Capacity