Fiber to The Room (FTTR) Solution

Fiber to The Room (FTTR) Solution

As 200 Mbps or higher bandwidth becomes the mainstream and requirements for services such as online education, video, VR, e-Sports, and smart office increase sharply, users need Wi-Fi that supports high bandwidth, low latency, wide coverage, and multi-user concurrent access, driving operators to focus on services and experience in home network construction. Huawei's fiber to the room (FTTR) solution extends fibers to rooms and provides various gigabit Wi-Fi 6 master/slave FTTR units, all-optical components, and optical cable construction tools, enabling users to enjoy stable gigabit Wi-Fi experience in every corner of rooms at every moment. In addition, Huawei's FTTR solution uses device-cloud synergy to improve operators' broadband service quality from three aspects: all-optical experience, zero frame freezing in video and VR services, and smart O&M.

Solution Benefits (FTTR for Home)
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    Full Gigabit Coverage

    Fiber + Wi-Fi 6 combination, tested rate > 1000 Mbps, and full signal coverage in the entire house

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    Seamless Wi-Fi Roaming

    No disconnection when users move between rooms or upstairs and downstairs, and imperceptible handover at any time

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    Service Acceleration

    HD and smooth online courses, games, and videos, reducing Wi-Fi latency by 60%+

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    Intelligent Management

    Real-time control of Wi-Fi network status on a mobile app; One-click diagnosis and remote recovery

Related Products (FTTR for Home)

  • Huawei OptiXstar HG8141XR-10

    Huawei OptiXstar HG8141XR-10 is a master FTTR in the Huawei FTTR for Home solution. It uses GPON technologies to implement ultra-broadband access and provides users with gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and downstream optical ports.

  • Huawei OptiXstar K662d

    Huawei OptiXstar K662d is a desktop slave FTTR that works with the master FTTR in the Huawei FTTR for Home solution. It supports ultra-broadband access through optical fibers or Ethernet upstream transmission, and provides users with gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and gigabit network ports.

Solution Benefits (FTTR for SME)
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    Simplified Architecture

    P2MP architecture, reducing cabling by 30%
    Gigabit all-optical networking, enabling smooth evolution for 30 years
    2km ultra-long-distance coverage without regeneration

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    Simplified Deployment

    5-in-1 multi-functions
    150m remote power supply over a PoF cable
    Plug-and-play and topology visualization

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    Guaranteed Reliable Experience

    High capacity, stable connection for 300 users
    High concurrency, concurrent 64-channel Wi-Fi 6
    Low latency, seamless roaming with handover latency as low as 100ms

Related Products (FTTR for SME)

  • Huawei OptiXstar B866

    Huawei OptiXstar B866 is a master FTTR unit (MFU) launched by Huawei. It supports XG-PON and 10G EPON technologies to implement all-optical gigabit access for enterprises. It supports power over fiber (PoF) cables to supply power to slave FTTR units (SFUs) and works with SFUs to provide gigabit Wi-Fi coverage for enterprises. The product applies to small- and medium-sized enterprises, commercial buildings, and campus dormitories.

  • Huawei OptiXstar B671-1E3W

    Huawei OptiXstar B671-1E3W is an SFU launched by Huawei. It supports Wi-Fi 6 and ultra-broadband access through upstream fiber and works with an MFU to provide gigabit Wi-Fi coverage for enterprises.

  • Huawei OptiXstar B675-1E3W

    Huawei OptiXstar B675-1E3W is an SFU launched by Huawei. It supports ultra-gigabit broadband access through upstream fibers and provides users with gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and gigabit network ports. The device can be easily installed in a junction box (86 mm). Using a PoF cable, the device acquires both power supply and high bandwidth, solving the problem of exposed power cables and fibers and making cable routing neat and elegant.

Key Technologies


Wi-Fi 6

The Wi-Fi 6 network uses technologies such as OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and 1024-QAM to make applications such as 4K video, VR, online education, and online office more reliable. It not only supports the access of more STAs, but also balances the bandwidth of each user. For example, in an electronic classroom, if there are more than 100 students, there used to be great challenges in video transmission or uplink and downlink interaction. However, Wi-Fi 6 networks can easily cope with this scenario.

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Seamless Wi-Fi Roaming

Huawei master and slave FTTR units support 802.11k/v. If STAs also support 802.11k/v, they can roam seamlessly between ONTs or multiple Wi-Fi APs. In home networking solutions such as FTTR or mesh networking, ONTs and APs share the same SSID, implementing one network for the entire house and imperceptible Wi-Fi handover.

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Efficient and Convenient Construction

The Huawei FTTR solution uses dedicated pipe routing tools, innovative micro optical cables, and transparent optical cables, which are easy to be routed through pipes without fiber splicing. Concealed pipe routing is efficient and convenient. Transparent optical cables and PVC transparent adhesive are used for exposed cable routing. No cable ties are required, making the cabling neat without negative impacts on wall surfaces.