Backbone WDM & OTN

Backbone WDM & OTN

The backbone WDM is a new-generation large-capacity OTN product for the beyond-100G era. It is mainly applied to backbone networks and core nodes of metro networks and integrates OXC at the optical layer to implement all-optical switching. It is highly integrated, reducing equipment room footprint and saving energy. It is the best 100G/400G/1T OTN platform in the industry, helping operators build ultra-broadband, flexible, elastic, and intelligent OTN/WDM transport solutions.

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  • OSN 9800 U Series

    The OptiX OSN 9800 U series is a next-generation OTN product that features large capacity, ASON, and the integration of OTN and packet functions. Mainly deployed on super networks and regional networks, it is the best 200G/400G OTN platform in the industry.

  • OSN 9800 P series

    The OptiX OSN 9800 P series is the industry's first commercially available optical cross-connect product. It is mainly deployed at the ROADM nodes of transmission backbone networks and metro networks.