Metro WDM & OTN

Metro WDM & OTN

Featuring ultra-large capacity, optical-electrical convergence, and compact size, the metro WDM series is a line of new generation of flagship WDM products. The series enables operators to quickly develop full-range services and meet basic site resource requirements to achieve optimal per-bit TCO, and is suitable for integrated transmission scenarios, such as broadband video, mobile backhaul, enterprise and government private line, and DCI interconnection, providing an optimal end-to-end transport solution from the backbone layer, aggregation layer, to the access layer.

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  • OSN 9800 M series

    The OptiX OSN 9800 M series is the next-generation flagship WDM product that features ultra-large capacity, high integration, optical-electrical integration, and high flexibility and efficiency. This product can be deployed at the backbone, metro, and access layers to foster the rapid development of all services and achieve the optimal per-bit TCO with limited site resources (such as space and power).