• Intelligent Experiences Unlock New Value

    The world is entering an age of intelligent connectivity. In response to this, Huawei and carriers strive to bring intelligent connectivity with deterministic experience, ubiquitous gigabit speed, and hyper-automation, so that full connectivity is available to homes and enterprises.

  • Sharing Cloud-Based Networks for High-Quality Digital Transformation

    We are now stepping into a new digital world where next-generation information technologies are becoming the new standard. This digital society is driven by cloud, network, and data services that are open, interconnected, and shared, facilitating cost-effective and high-quality infrastructure construction.

  • An Intelligent Upgrade: From Connections to Connectivity

    We are shifting from individual connections to the concept of universal connectivity, which will power a digital, connected, and intelligent society where all things are connected.

  • HKT B2B Network Service Innovations

    Most B2B customers are undergoing digital transformation to improve efficiency and become more agile at innovating new services. Our reliable connectivity and managed services create a tailor-made platform for supporting B2B customer business transformation.

  • Future Role of the Telco in a Transformed World

    The complexity and breadth of digital transformation means that effective transformation of the telco is going to take many years. The cycle of this transformational change is out of sync with the speed of change in the industry in terms of technology and business model.