Win-Win·Huawei Innovation Week

Release of the Carrier Data Storage Power white paper

  • Release of the Carrier Data Storage Power white paper

    The Telco Operator Data Storage Power Index white paper is the result of close collaboration between Huawei and IDC. The paper aims to establish a system for evaluating data storage power, enabling operators to comprehensively assess their data infrastructure and ensure it becomes stable, reliable, and efficient.

  • Intelligent and Agile Storage Power Accelerates Telco Service Upgrade

    IDC and Huawei are working together on the Telco Operator Data Storage Power Index white paper, which is intended to facilitate quantitative measurement of the data storage power of telecom operators and serve as a reference for operators for data platform development.

Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit

  • Huawei Cloud enables carriers to unleash the benefits of connectivity

    We should always bear in mind of the unique advantages of telecom industry and leverage cloud transformation to magnify the values of telecom networks and services, in short, to unleash the connectivity dividends.

  • Trend Analysis of Cloud business in Telecom Industry

    Carriers can create synergy with the HCPs,hyper cloud providers.For the B2B market,the carrier realy need to leverage advantages in the Eight Market Segments.

  • Inspire New Value with Everything as a Service

    With our Ubiquitous Cloud Native Services, customers manage all Kubernetes clusters and upper-layer applications on and off the cloud centrally. We made this possible for our customers: Easy usage, management, and maintenance, no matter your cloud, wherever you are.

  • Launch of Scenario-based Cloud Solutions for Carriers

    We're happy to announce our comprehensive carrier cloud solutions that address three important areas for carriers: network monetization, service innovation, and operational excellence.

  • Cloud-5G Synergy, Win Together with Industries China Mobile Jiangsu's Enterprise Business Practices

    Moving forward, we will continue to explore the value of intelligent digital applications, explore development paths in vertical industries, and help shape solidified industry standards and business models to fuel the rapid growth of the digital economy.

  • Digital Transformation – Ready for the Future

    The journey that we have taken has brought us to the place where we are cloud ready. In terms of organization, in terms of processors, in terms of technical knowledge, as well as working with multiple partners to offer the best in-cloud services to internal service providers as well as valued enterprise customers.

  • China Telecom: Give All You Need to Go Globa

    Huawei Cloud, alongside its cloud ecosystem, provides all-round support and incentives for China Telecom Global, and utilizes the capabilities of cloud ecosystem partners to facilitate rapid development of the company's business.

  • A Case of Huawei Cloud with Digital China

    We have established a specialized technical team that focuses on Huawei's cloud-native technology stack, with capabilities in consulting, PoC, delivery, and sustained maintenance and operations. \We enable industries' digital transformation focusing on scenarios such as enterprise cloud migration, cloud-based MSP services, big data applications, RPA, cloud DR, and cloud O&M.