Customer Support Service


Customer Support Service

As telecom networks get more complex and market competition becomes more severe, network performance has a big impact on end user experience and loyalty. This in turn affects carriers’ brand image and revenue. Building a secure, reliable, and efficient network has become a big challenge for carriers. The Huawei Customer Support Services solution helps carriers ensure secure, stable, and highly-efficient network operation. The solution focuses on network performance and end user experience so as to help carriers secure the stability of their networks and gain competitive advantages.

Business Value
  • 1

    Reduce Risk

    Secures network, improves network reliability, and reduces risk.

  • 2

    Protect Revenue

    Boosts brand image, enhances user loyalty, reduces churn rate, and protects revenue.

  • 3

    Increase Return on Investment (ROI)

    Improves network availability, focuses on core services, and increases ROI.

  • 4

    Improve Efficiency

    Shares global experience, simplifies O&M management, and improves operation efficiency.


  • Secure Service

    Based on customer requirements, Huawei provides standard service packages and customized Service solutions that ensure high availability of networks and continuous system running, mitigate network operation risks, reduce both economic and brand loss, improve O&M efficiency, maximize ROI, and focus on core services.

  • Key Event Assurance Service

    Key Event Assurance is a scenario-based, end-to-end assurance service to guarantee stable network operation, high-quality network performance, and excellent service experience.

  • Spare Parts Management Service

    Huawei's one-stop Spare Parts Management Service solution includes consolidated order processing, reliable spare parts supply, scientific inventory management, first-class logistics network, and professional service management.

  • Extended Technical Support service

    Huawei's Extended Technical Support service assists carriers in ensuring network security and service continuity during a transition period, which can improve the operator's short-term ROI.