Data Analytics and Governance

Universe Big Data Analytics Platform is a business-driven top-of-the-industry big data analytics system. It aims to help carriers solve the following issues to drive innovation and build an open ecosystem: cross-domain data integration and governance, and customer-centric operation (including user experience and operation efficiency improvement, and real-time marketing).

Business Value
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    Improve Operation Efficiency

    Build enterprise data assets, manage heterogeneous data warehouse (DWH) and data assets in a unified manner, prepare intelligent data for machine learning, and enjoy more efficient cross-domain data governance.

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    Accelerate Data Monetization

    Manage and schedule resources in a unified manner to achieve resource and tool sharing and data asset catalog subscription, so as to provide on-demand one-stop big data services. Speed up application rollout and data monetization.

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    Build Application Value

    Leverage 360° customer view to analyze marketing timing, customer preference, and channel preference to deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time in the right place.


  • Data Integration and Governance

    The graphical data integration and governance solution efficiently manages data models, data lifecycles, and data quality and security to ensure data usage efficiency.

  • Big Data PaaS

    Huawei's cloud-based big data platform implements platform as a service (PaaS), opens capabilities in terms of computing resources, tool resources, and data services, and allows application building in different departments.

  • Digital Marketing

    The precise, real-time, agile digital marketing solution provides an E2E one-stop marketing process (including customer acquisition, timing definition, marketing campaign plan, execution, evaluation, and cross-channel collaboration) to support telecom-level real-time event marketing capabilities.

Success Stories

Jiangxi Mobile: Big Data, a core enabler for Digital Transformation

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