Digital Operations Transformation Solution

Digital Operations Transformation

The Digital Operations Transformation business solution enables carriers to provide agile B2B services, based on the DEEP+IES platforms, abundant assets, and full-function teams. The solution shortens the time to market (TTM) of B2B products and offerings from months to weeks, and reduces the service provisioning period from months to days. This solution provides sub-solutions for different scenarios, such as cloud-network convergence operations enabling, and Wireless To The Enterprise (WTTe) operations enabling.

Business Value
  • value1

    Product/Offering Orchestration

    Uses the visualized orchestration tool to quickly orchestrate products and offerings in different business scenarios, responding to market requirements rapidly.

  • value3

    Online Subscription

    Adopts the outside-in design thinking approach to construct one-stop, scenario-based e-commerce purchase experience, enabling enterprise users to subscribe to products and offerings online through self-service channels.

  • value2

    Cross-Domain Provisioning

    Automates order distribution, resource scheduling, activation of network settings, and verification of service provisioning by integrating network controllers and cloud management platforms. This helps carriers provision services on-demand and across multiple domains.


  • Cloud-Network Convergence Operations Enabling

    Huawei provides E2E solutions based on carrier requirements for developing cloud-network convergence B2B services, solutions that leverage "DEEP/IES digital platforms+use cases+professional services". These solutions include digital product/offering development and operations support, cross-domain provisioning and O&M assurance, and enterprise self-services. They enable carriers to offer differentiated, competitive services by synergizing clouds and networks, providing new ways to compete in B2B markets.

  • WTTe Operations Enabling

    Aiming to help carriers quickly launch wireless broadband services for enterprise users at lower costs, the WTTe Operations Enabling solution leverages full-function teams and "DEEP/IES digital platforms+use cases+professional services" that enable carriers to develop differentiated, competitive Internet, VoIP, and VPN services for enterprise users. The solution supports fast product and offering orchestration, online subscription, cross-domain provisioning, and tenant-level O&M. This accelerates the market development of WTTe, improves user experience, and lays a solid foundation for the rapid development of 5G FWA services.