Digital integration and operation of fixed networks

Digital Integration and Operations of Fixed Networks

Relying on global expert resources, Huawei is building an industry-leading digital integration delivery and operations platform. Vertically, this platform covers home networks, access networks, transmission networks, and IP networks. This helps carriers quickly construct high-quality fixed networks. Horizontally, this platform streamlines carriers' business processes, including planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operation, and supports full-service operation transformation. This maximizes network value and helps carriers achieve success.

Business Value
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    Fast and high-quality deployment

    Advanced digital solutions, industry-leading management capabilities and global resources enable fast TTM.

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    Accurate network planning

    ROI-based valuable region ranking, selection planning and E2E bearer network planning make optimal planning cost.

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    Comprehensive Network Optimization

    Builds B.E.S.T Network standards and improves network O&M and optimization efficiency through an online and intelligent optimization platform.


  • ADO - Agile & Digital Operations

    ADO provides carriers with service- and network-oriented support capabilities, such as strategic insight, intelligent decision-making, value marketing, precise network construction, and high-quality services. It helps carriers implement precise investment and refined operations based on the fixed network "planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operation" business processes.

  • Home and Access Network Digitalization

    Huawei provides an E2E solution that extends from access networks to home networks, helping carriers build premium broadband. This solution includes:
    Access planning solution for integrated service areas: identifies high-value areas and maximizes the sharing of basic resources.
    Copper line digitalization solution: maximizes the reuse of copper line resources on live networks.
    Digitalization solution for passive optical networks (PONs): supports efficient migration and verifies dumb resources without interrupting services during the upgrade and optimization of networks.
    Home network management solution: supports visualized management of multiple terminals on home networks.

  • IP and Optical Network Intelligence

    The IP network intelligent analysis platform helps carriers improve O&M and resource efficiency in scenarios where faults are difficult to locate or traffic is unbalanced. To address the challenges brought by the evolution of 5G bearer networks, Huawei uses SmartDesigner to implement collaborative evaluating and planning of logical and physical network resources, constructing an optimal evolution solution. This solution helps carriers with precise investment, and improves the quality and performance of 5G bearer networks.

  • Basic Network Integration Service

    Huawei provides a fixed network integration service solution that is based on years of project experience. This solution covers multi-vendor fixed network integration, IPv6 evolution, IP network integration, optical network integration, access network integration, and software-defined networking (SDN) integration. It helps carriers quickly construct networks, successfully commercialize services, and increase operating revenue.