Technical Competence Improvement

Based on deep insight and experience for the ICT talent development of carriers, Huawei provides an E2E talent development solution that includes competence consulting, training, and certification. Trainees' practical skills improve, and their learning experiences are reconstructed through training and practice that focuses on trainees. This includes massive open online courses (MOOC), theme lectures, discussions, and on-the-job practice based on business scenarios.

Huawei Certification

Business Value
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    Supports the Implementation of Talent Strategies

    Develops E2E talent competence standards that correlate to business strategies, and formulates development plans for digital talent. This is based on business category, level, and phase, and it supports the implementation of customer talent strategies.

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    Improves the Readiness of Digital Talents

    Meets carriers' requirements for ICT talent transformation and rapidly reconstructs talents' skills in the digital era. This is based on extensive practical experience, agile production of knowledge, and a structured curriculum system.

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    Improves Learning Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Provides accurate and efficient one-stop talent development services that rely on scenario-based practice, as well as immersive and diversified learning experience designed for different audiences.


  • 5G Talent Development

    5G signifies the evolution of technology and the transformation of businesses and operations. The key to competing successfully in the 5G era is talent that has innovative management, market, and technical skills. To support the implementation of 5G strategies, Huawei provides a group- and phase-based 5G talent development solution in areas such as network planning, construction, operation, and business transformation.

  • Cloud-based Telecom Network Talent Development

    Cloud-based telecom networks face layered, heterogeneous, multi-cloud, and multi-network networking challenges. The key to transformation is rapid and effective O&M. Huawei's cloud-based telecom network O&M capability improvement solution supports transformation by integrating excellent industry carriers with Huawei's training and practice experience, and developing talents for customers based on cloud-based telecom networks.

  • Cloud-Network Synergy Talent Development

    The rapid development of the industrial Internet brings huge business opportunities to carriers. The key to developing government and enterprise services is cloud-network synergy. The cloud-network synergy-based talent development solution helps carriers develop cloud-network synergy sales, migration, and O&M talents through scenario-based practice. This enables carriers to develop government and enterprise services.

  • Intelligent O&M Talent Development

    Intelligent O&M transformation is inevitable due to communication networks and services becoming increasingly complex, and service quality requirements becoming increasingly strict. The improvements of Huawei's intelligent O&M training solution meet industry standards and satisfy Huawei's O&M evolution practices. Based on Huawei's powerful training platform, the solution safeguards customers' intelligent O&M transformation by providing effective training methods, such as "enabling + accompanying development".