National ICT Talent Development

The National Information Communications Technology (ICT) Talent Development solution provides services at the national level, such as ICT talent development planning; professional competence building; and training practices, assessment, and national certification, developing ICT talents to meet national needs. Huawei Learning Service offers complete and customized solutions based on customer requirements. It covers specialized ICT talent services, including insight into ICT talent supply and demand, design for ICT competence standards, customized ICT talent training solutions, position- and role-based assessment solutions, and internationally standardized certifications. Customers can select services based on their needs.

Business Value
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    Getting Insight into Talent Development Trend

    Informs customers about the progress of national digitalization to provide a basis for planning and adjusting national ICT talent training strategies to cope with changes.

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    Establishing Talent Development Standard

    Helps customers establish a globally-recognized ICT talent capability and skill standards system, outline the talent development direction, and ensure that standards can be followed.

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    Balancing Talent Supply and Demand

    Helps customers gain insight into the supply and demand status of the industry, analyze ICT talent management issues, and resolve the imbalance between the high demand for technical talent and the lack of talent development capabilities to guarantee the solution provides social benefits.

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    Ensuring Qualified Talent Supply

    Offers systematic ICT training to meet demand for talent and introduces an international standard certification system to develop qualified personnel. Training and certification are used to ensure society's talent requirements are met.


  • Supply and Demand Analysis of the ICT Talent Market

    Based on statistical data analysis, the solution identifies the gap between the market demand and talent supply from higher education and training organizations, gains strategic insights into the talent market, and helps talent management teams make policies more efficiently.

  • Competence Standards and Qualification System Design

    Competence standards and qualification systems are designed and developed simultaneously to urge industry organizations and institutes of higher learning to initially establish them, encouraging governments to create and implement a national ICT talent development policy.

  • Customized ICT Talent Cultivation

    This solution is designed and developed based on role requirements and employees' personal capabilities. It is used to improve personnel competence and carry out position- and role-based certification.

  • Position-Based Capability Assessment

    Based on skill requirements, employees are evaluated and graded to test improvements in competence in the digital transformation field so that planning can be improved based on the results. Pre-training and post-training assessments are conducted to evaluate skills and competence, and to develop and improve training programs.

  • International Standard Certification

    ICT industry professionals and college students can be certified by Huawei. The certification is based on Pearson VUE — the international standard certification platform with certificates internationally recognized in the ICT industry.