Simplified Site Integration and Operation

Simplified Site Integration and Operation is the solution that accelerates site deployment and reduces site power consumption by using digital tools, such as Site Selection Studio, comprehensive site evaluation and design tool, accurate planning and design tool SmartODN, and digital delivery tool; as well as innovative solutions, such as TubeSite/PoleSite/ZipSite, flexible pole/freestanding pole/Non-destructive Tower Reinforcement, and SmartODN. This solution also helps carriers accelerate site deployment, build optimal TCO, enable digital transformation, and achieve success in the infrastructure construction field.

Business Value
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    Improves ROI

    Provides a solution with optimal benefits, optimizes network construction, and reduces operation costs through accurate evaluations, helping carriers maximize their return on investment (ROI).

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    Accelerates GTM of Services

    Improves deployment efficiency by utilizing standardized and modular innovative site solutions and optimizing construction techniques and procedures.

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    Enables Digital Transformation

    Builds sites' digital twins, enables carriers to build valuable sites, reduce operation costs, fully use assets, and facilitate carriers' digital transformation.


  • Wireless Site Integration Service

    Provides E2E integration services for wireless site new build and modernization scenarios, including site survey, tower loading analysis, energy efficiency evaluation, soil test, site layouts planning, integration design and test of energy saving and power supply security, lightning protection, integration verification, integration implementation and acceptance, and project management. Enables rapid site deployment and efficient energy saving through innovative site solutions such as flexible adaptation, Non-destructive Tower Reinforcement, TubeSite, and ZipSite.

  • ODN Integration Service

    Provides integration services for backbone networks and fiber access networks, including outside plant (OSP) integration (backbone networks, metropolitan area networks, government networks, and railway/oil dedicated networks) and fiber to the x (FTTx) network survey, high-level design (HLD), low-level design (LLD), solution selections, cost assessment, and project implementation and acceptance. Through SmartODN accurate plan & design, enables low cost of construction, faster time to market, and higher efficiency for optical distribution network (ODN) and outside plant (OSP).

  • Digital Site Transformation and Operation

    Builds sites' digital twins to achieve structuration and visualization of site information. Accelerates site deployment, reduces operating expenses (OPEX), fully uses assets, and improves carriers' ROI through online planning and design, solution optimization, deployment guidance and acceptance, and infrastructure operations.