Telco Cloud

Telco Cloud Integration and Operation Support

In the process of network cloudification of 5G era, Huawei's Telco Cloud Integration and Operation Support solution helps carriers efficiently build cloud-based core networks, smoothly migrate services, develop agile services, and maximize the value of cloud-based networks. This solution is based on the integration tool chain, Agile & Intelligent Design and Orchestration (AIDO, a service asset development platform), abundant digital service assets, and 1300+ service experts.

Business Value
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    Efficient Integration, Building Excellent Networks

    With extensive integration experience and the E2E automation tool chain, Huawei provides integration services such as design, deployment, test, and migration, and efficiently builds cloud-based core networks, helping carriers achieve smooth evolution to 5G networks.

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    Agile Services, Providing Best Networks

    With the AIDO platform, Huawei provides agile service development and continuous integration services, helping carriers flexibly provide network capabilities, agilely respond to service requirements, and continuously improve network value.


  • Huawei FullStack Integration Service

    Based on the automation tool chain, Huawei FullStack NFV Network Integration Service helps carriers efficiently build networks and accelerate network cloud-based transformation.

  • 5GC Integration Service

    Huawei provides network evolution planning and integration services for the 5G Core Network (5GC). Through non-standalone (NSA) reconstruction, standalone (SA) building, and smooth evolution from NSA to SA, the services help carriers optimize the total cost of operation (TCO) and accelerate the readiness of the 5G network.

  • 5GC Service Migration

    The traditional service migration solution requires the cooperation of multiple parties to migrate user data. The number of users who can be migrated each time is limited, resulting in high risks and long migration periods for entire-network data. Huawei 5GC Service Migration solution uses the TAS(Telephony Application Server) simulation technology to implement automatic service data migration, ensuring large-scale, smooth, and efficient service migration for carriers.

  • Regional VNF DR

    During regional centralized network building, networks support over 100,000,000 users. Formulating a disaster recovery (DR) solution becomes more important and more complex. Based on the simulation tool, Huawei provides an integrated DR solution that includes exercising and evaluation. This solution uses a five-dimensional simulation model to perform lossless DR exercising to meet key event assurance requirements. Through weekly network evaluation, this solution accurately and promptly analyzes the dynamic requirements of continuous service growth on DR resources.

  • Telecom Cloud TaaS

    In the 5G era, network architectures are microservice-based, and service applications are diversified, making automatic testing a rigid demand. Based on a unified management and control platform and scenario-based test assets, Huawei Testing as a Service (TaaS) solution provides carriers with network functions, performance and service tests, improves network change efficiency, accelerates service innovation, and facilitates automatic network transformation.

  • VoLTE Boosting and Assurance Service

    To address challenges such as slow VoLTE boosting, low network resource usage, and problem locating difficulties, Huawei VoLTE Boosting and Assurance Service provides accurate terminal identification, dynamic capacity planning, and quick problem demarcation and locating, ensuring fast and stable VoLTE boosting, accurate investment, and excellent service quality.

  • Traffic Differentiation Control and Service Operation Support

    To address challenges such as simple traffic package design, fierce competition, user experience deterioration, and heavy network load, Huawei provides the Traffic Differentiation Control and Service Operation Support solution based on service identification and Policy and Charging Control (PCC) integration. This solution helps carriers manage and control traffic from multiple dimensions, support the package design to increase service revenue, and manage low-value users and services to improve network usage. This solution also provides dedicated VIP assurance, improving user experience and enhancing user loyalty.

  • Inventory Core Network Reconstruction Service

    Dedicated services, such as IPv6 reconstruction, mobile number portability (MNP), and number upgrading, are provided for inventory cloud core networks, helping carriers modernize traditional core networks.

  • 5G Slicing Integration

    Huawei provides E2E 5G Slice Integration services, including planning, design, orchestration, deployment, test, and optimization, enabling quick design, provisioning, and rollout of service slices. This helps carriers agilely respond to market service requirements and shorten the time to market (TTM) of services.

  • MEC Integration

    Huawei provides integration services, including planning, design, deployment, test, and optimization, for seven multi-access edge computing (MEC) service scenarios. Through accurate planning, resource reuse, and efficient integration, the services help carriers achieve quick service rollout and TCO optimization.