ICT Transformation Leadership Improvement

The ICT Transformation Leadership Improvement solution was developed based on Huawei's successful experience and extensive industry practices. It helps carriers explore new ideas and change mindsets, promotes strategy execution, and helps motivate enterprises. These benefits help to strengthen the leadership of the ICT transformation.

Business value
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    Adopts Leading Management Practices

    This solution leverages Huawei's management philosophy, project management experience, and talent management practices to help carriers build execution capabilities that are essential to ensuring that they are successful and achieve their goals.

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    Provides Carriers with a Broad Global View

    This solution provides an insight into and analysis of cutting-edge trends, summarizes global leading practices, and explores different business models, helping carriers broaden their horizons, change mindsets, build new services, and seize market opportunities.

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    Improves Operational Efficiency

    This solution summarizes Huawei's practices, arranges theoretical and practical discussions, and empowers customers to discuss issues they have met, helping carriers to master methods, unify language, reach consensus, strengthen collaboration, and improve strategy execution.


  • Strategic Leadership Development Program

    Strategy management is not just a matter that concerns senior managers. It involves organizations' entire personnel, from top to bottom and from the frontline to the R&D engineers. Huawei cooperates and communicates with global carriers, accumulates strategic management cases in various scenarios, and promotes the sharing of global carriers' experience in strategic management.

  • Business Leadership Development Program

    Facing rapidly changing market challenges and opportunities, carriers need to strengthen market insight, grasp new opportunities, identify core services, and adjust resource allocation for core strategies to build market competitiveness. The business leadership development program conducts in-depth research on formulating market strategies and developing markets, and uses brainstorming to help formulate localized solutions.

  • Technical Leadership Development Program

    Leading services require leading network technologies. In the future, what technologies will be required to ensure maximum return on investment in the network transformation field? What are the key issues that will cause concern? What are the solutions from leading carriers that can be referenced? Technical Leadership Development Program will answer these questions one by one.

  • Organizational Leadership Development Program

    Without execution a good strategy is meaningless. Based on more than 30 years of experience in enterprise management, Huawei management training brings together key aspects of successful enterprise management and operations to design a series of training solutions for this Organization Transformation Leadership Development Program. These solutions help carriers develop managers and employees that can support ICT transformation, making enterprises more agile and improving execution capabilities.

  • Project Management

    As a project leader in an organization, a project manager is responsible for aligning organizational strategies and achieving business goals. Huawei has designed an advanced systematic training architecture that covers all aspects from individual capability improvement to organization-level project management system construction. The architecture is based on Huawei's extensive experience in delivering projects worldwide, carriers' network deployment statuses, and service requirements in government and enterprise integration scenarios.