Huawei AICC

Huawei AICC is a next-generation solution that provides an all-in-one contact center. It integrates new features such as real-time video interaction and artificial intelligence. Voice, video and messaging create a comprehensive communication channel between enterprises and users, improving user experience and efficiency.

Business Values
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    Satisfied Customers

    of customer churn

  • b 2

    Engaged Agents

    in agent efficiency

  • b 3

    New Revenue Streams

    in digital conversion rate

Solution Highlights

  • Complete Baseline Features

    All-in-one solution: IVR, unified routing & queuing, voice recording, inbound and outbound calls, customer journey analytics, reporting, integrated agent dashboard, etc. Omni-channel collaboration E2E AI-driven service flows GDPR compliance

  • Open Platform for DIY

    Open API & SDK for rapid 3rd party integration Orchestration of online IVR flows Low code customization: API fabric, AppCube tools

  • Future-oriented Innovation with Visionary Features

    Omni-channel video: PC/App/Mobile native video agent, smooth transition from voice to video Digital signature: Offline-to-online completion to speed up the closing process Digital human: real-time interaction for a better experience

Global SaaS Base

Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Latin America, South Africa, etc., Up to 1 month free trial with Huawei public cloud services

Key Statistics
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    1,500+ global customers (carriers and enterprises)

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    World's first commercial case of 5G video customer service

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    700,000+ agents, and 1.8 billion users