Video Service Integration and Business Operation Enablement

Focusing on the development of video services for customers, this solution provides video service integration and business operation enablement to carriers, enabling their video services to thrive. By utilizing an integration of efficient multi-platforms and various industry application scenarios, this solution enables the rapid commercial use of video services and provides enablement services for video operations. Continuously innovates services and provides industry-leading commercial solutions to improve efficiency, promote service activation, and increase profits.

Business Value
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    Enable Video Business Operation

    Provides operation support, data analysis, and joint innovation of new services for video operations. Enables carriers' video services to thrive.

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    Intelligent Video Operation Platform

    Provides in-depth and multi-dimensional data integration analysis, visualizes entire operation processes and enables market decisions to be based on achieving improved efficiency, user growth, user retention, service activation promotion, and continuous revenue growth.


  • Video Business Operation Enablement

    Provides carriers with consulting services for video service development and an intelligent operation support platform. Develops use cases that is based on service scenarios, and provides expert experience to increase operation efficiency and user growth, promote service activation, and achieve business success.

  • Video Service Integration

    Builds a multi-tenant industrial video operation management platform, aggregates industry videos, and provides secure, reliable, and rapid tenant integration solutions for cloud-based scenarios.

Success Stories

Huawei 5G/MBB Business Class Solution (E-Turbo) Facilitates Differentiated Experience Monetization for Carrier U in Country C

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