Cellular V2X (C-V2X) is a 3GPP-based global vehicle wireless communication technology that evolves from 4G and 5G. C-V2X includes LTE-V2X and 5G-V2X.

What is V2X?

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is a next-generation wireless communications technology that connects vehicles to everything. V2X can connect a vehicle to any objects that can interact with the vehicle, including other vehicles, pedestrians, roadside infrastructure, and networks. V2X connects pedestrians, vehicles, roads, clouds, and other transportation elements, allowing vehicles to collect more information and promoting innovation and application of autonomous driving technologies. V2X also helps to build a smart transportation system, develop new models and forms for vehicle and transportation services, improve transportation efficiency, conserve resources, reduce pollution, avoid trafficaccidents, and improve transportation management.

Industry Trends
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    Road – vehicle interaction is the main trend of huge prospect. Smarter road + smarter vehicle will construct future intelligent transportation, lower the cost of autonomous driving, make it affordable and popular

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    A network to provide all vehicles linked business: Car networking and intelligent combination, through data collection, C-V2X, wireless broadband network, provide large data and Internet services, promote the upper business applications better


Market Analysis & Case

  • Connected Vehicles by 5G Era LTE

  • Business applications industry partners proposed: anti collision t-crossing , intelligent rearview mirror, red light speed Guide, driving , warning , and pedestrian traffic emergency brake warning screen

  • In September 2018 Wuxi WIoT, 29 partners constructed a city level trial/demo of 240 intersections, 170 sq meters and over 10K vehicles

  • Some city pilot will select the next step, unified communications interface, through the traffic lights, the application scale extends to the city limits, open data, open application interface, promote the commercial application