Cinia selects Huawei to Build Direct Digital Silk Road between Asia and Europe

Cinia selects Huawei to Build Direct Digital Silk Road between Asia and Europe

[Helsinki, Finland, March 16, 2016] Huawei today announced to jointly build direct digital Silk Road between Asia and Europe with Cinia, a Finland-based designer, builder and operator of intelligent connectivity and ICT solutions. Huawei transport platform will connect the European data hubs via C-Lion sea cable connection with the network and service providers in China and other Eastern markets.

Cinia aims to build and expand the cloud backbone to fuel the modern digital economy in Finland and Europe. The high-capacity optical backbone network will connect data centers in Northern and Central Europe, and offer a low-latency route between Europe and Asia via the so-called northern Silk Road route connecting Europe to China via Finland and Russia.

The network will connect Finland and Germany in linear distance across the Baltic Sea with approximately length of 1,172Km to build the best-experience Data Center Interconnect (DCI) network with lowest latency. In the digital Silk Road, Huawei provides advanced end-to-end unified terrestrial/submarine transmission network and flexgrid technique, realizing 10G/40G/100G/400G/1T/2T transmission, which makes Huawei’s solutions ready for today’s and recent few years’rsquo; connectivity requirements.

“Partnering with the innovative suppliers helps Cinia develop an efficient optical backbone network and offer cutting-edge connectivity services. Cinia’s new optical transmission infrastructure will provide big data, corporate customers and operators with a fast, reliable and high-quality network all over Europe,” says Mr. Ari-Jussi Knaapila, the CEO of Cinia.

"We are honored to provide Cinia with our leading transmission solution to support Data Center Interconnect (DCI) application and Pan-European connection,” said Jeff Gao, President of Huawei Transport Network Product Line. “The long-term partnership between Cinia and Huawei is the goal between the two parties. Huawei will continue to provide new leading technology to Cinia, to provide the best Pan-European connection network."