Huawei’s Massive MIMO a Massive Hit at MWC2017

Huawei’s Massive MIMO a Massive Hit at MWC2017

Huawei was the proud exhibitor of the FDD Massive MIMO and TDD Massive MIMO dual solution at this year’s Mobile World Congress. With a live demo implemented outside the exhibition hall, visitors were able to marvel at the on-screen results in real time. The impressive results showed a cell throughput based on 20MHz that exceeded 670Mbps.

Massive MIMO is a key technology for 4.5G/5G. Signals use beamforming techniques to focus on each user, reducing interference and improving user experience and cell throughput without requiring extra spectrum resources. Massive MIMO is thus able to help operators reduce cost per bit and extend their business further.


Huawei’s Massive MIMO features an Active Antenna Unit design that integrates radio and antenna components for reliability and ease of project implementation. This groundbreaking solution adopts large-scale antenna arrays that are able to control the width and tilt, both vertical and horizontal, for 3D beamforming. This feature is complemented by channel estimation and advanced algorithms to allow Massive MIMO to empower several terminals to reuse time-frequency resources for improved network capacity.

Huawei’s Massive MIMO has been deployed on multiple networks in Japan, China, Spain, the UK and Saudi Arabia. Softbank Japan achieves 1.4Gbps by adopting 40MHz in band 3.5GHz with Massive MIMO. With Huawei’s FDD Massive MIMO, China Unicom achieves 697.3Mbps with 20MHz, 4.8 times that of FDD LTE.

Huawei is dedicated to creating business value for operators by technology innovation. Huawei’s Massive MIMO is yet another key solution for operators in their construction of 5G networks.