Huawei Unveils the Latest Cloud Enterprise Communications Solution

Huawei Unveils the Latest Cloud Enterprise Communications Solution

[Hannover, Germany, March 23, 2017] Huawei unveils the latest Cloud Enterprise Communications solution at CeBIT 2017, the world's premier exhibition for the ICT industry. Private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds could be deployed on the same architecture, supporting convergence and collaboration between multiple services.

“As we know, cloud is driving the enterprise digital transformation, same for enterprise communications. Cloud services are more and more popular in terms of agility, light assets, on-demand subscription.” Ma Haixu, President of the Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, says, “Huawei mainly focus on cloud, convergence, cloud-device synergy, and openness. With cloud platform and affordable endpoints, the new market could be explored which couldn’t be reached with the traditional on-premises model.”

Mr. Ma Haixu Introduces Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communications at CeBIT 2017

Utilizing cutting-edge cloud technologies, Huawei NFV (network functions virtualization) solution was announced as the winner of the Best Technology Enabler Award at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017) in Barcelona, Spain. In the Cloud Enterprise Communications field, Huawei also performs better than the industry's average. 

Besides the cloud platform, Huawei launched the industry’s first 6-in-1 cloud video endpoint TE10 in 2016. It integrates the camera, codec, microphone, speaker, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and foldable bracket, along with the option to plug and play. Furthermore, the TE10 decreases the bandwidth occupation by 50% and supports packet loss concealment of 20%. Cloud enterprise communications is brought about by the combination of both the cloud endpoint and the cloud platform.

To assist enterprises in the transition from on-premises to cloud, Huawei has collaborated with partners in various ways and performed localized practices around the globe. On March 2017, Huawei launched the one-stop enterprise communications cloud service for partners in China, providing call centers, video conference, and unified communications and so on. Based on Huawei cloud platform, partners can resell the services or operate their own branded services, also they can embed the capabilities into their applications for industry innovation. In regions such as in Europe, Australia, and Singapore, Huawei cooperates extensively with carriers, SPs on cloud service.

In industries such as convergent command, education, and healthcare, Huawei also provide eight series of atomic and scenario-based APIs for partners to integrate with their systems for more innovative industry services. For example in convergent command field, Huawei provide the capability to integrate various emerging technologies such as IoT, Big Data, and facial recognition to brace for today's industry innovations. 

Leveraging to its dedication in the enterprise communications field since 1993, Huawei has developed into a leading provider while it’s products and solutions has been widely deployed in more than 150 countries and regions around the world. According to the IDC report, Huawei videoconferencing have been ranking first in China for four consecutive years and ranking third in the world for three consecutive years. To cope with the cloud-led transformation trend in enterprise communications, Huawei will continue to make joint efforts with global partners to build up ecosystems, helping customers of all sizes in different industries achieve business success.