Customer Experience Analytics


Customer Experience Analytics

Using a big data platform, HUAWEI SmartCare® customer experience analytics solution offers Per Service Per User (PSPU) data analysis capabilities on the basis of correlating the data of the Business Support System (BSS) and the Operations Support System (OSS) in the telecom network. Based on the practice of customer lifecycle management, HUAWEI SmartCare® helps to identify and rectify problems in operators' network and service processes, improve customer satisfaction and Network NPS, reduce churn, and discover new business opportunities.

Customer Value


CEI Analysis Based on Customer Journey

Mapping customer use journey, manage all customer experience indices by subjective + objective association modeling, CEI and CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) correlation rate of 87%.


Leverage PSPU Data for Customer Segment (user/service/device/location) for CSPs’ Precision Marketing

Multi-dimensions customer segmentation based on O+B data analysis capability to help CSPs increase marketing campaign success rate, enhance business.


Manage Network NPS, and Identify Potential Detractors Through Network NPS Model.

Estimate every customer Network NPS, identify potential detractors with network root cause to improve network NPS.


OSS+BSS Association Analytics, Better Retention Result Due to 4 Months Early-churn Predict Model and with Root Cause Identification.

OSS+BSS big data analytics, 4 months early churn prediction reduces retention cost and improve retention success rate.

Technical Topics

NPS Analytics

Use OSS+BSS and NPS survey data to predict per user’s Network NPS through big data analytics capability, help CSP improve Network NPS by potential detractor retention.

CEI Modeling

Mapping customer use journey, manage all customer experience index by subjective + objective association modeling.

Churn Analytics

OSS+BSS association churn analytics, better retention result due to 4 months early- churn prediction model and with root cause analysis.

Marketing Campaign Support

Leverage PSPU data for customer segmentation  (user/service/device/location/etc.), help CSPs to improve marketing campaign success rate and monetization.

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