CloudAIR 2.0, Unleash All Spectrum Potential

CloudAIR 2.0, Unleash All Spectrum Potential

Based on the concept of cloud, CloudAIR schedules and utilizes air interface resources, including spectrum, power, and channels to offer more efficient service deployment and enhanced mobile user experience. Thanks to further technological innovation, CloudAIR 2.0 enables dynamic scheduling of air interface resources of a multi-frequency multi-RAT network. This feature maximizes network capacity and coverage, while helps to enhance user experience.

CloudAIR 2.0 helps operators maximize the value of spectrum assets and boost their return on investment (ROI)

The solution enables spectrum cloudification for most of the popular radio technology combinations between GSM, UMTS, and LTE as well as 5G NR, and can dynamically allocate and adjust spectrum resources according to the changes of traffic. This helps operators enhance spectrum efficiency and accelerate the deployment of 5G networks.

Meanwhile, the spectrum cloudification technology combines the advantage of larger downlink bandwidth of high band and better uplink coverage of low band, which is named uplink and downlink decoupling. This scheme can significantly improve the coverage of high band and improve the cell edge user experience.

Furthermore, power cloudification is a breakthrough supporting power sharing and on-demand power allocation across multiple carriers, RATs, and frequency bands.

Customer Value


Enhanced Network Performance

Deep spectrum sharing of CloudAIR 2.0 enables a significant improvement in the performance of multi-RAT networks


All Services on a Low Frequency Band

CloudAIR 2.0 supports multi-RAT spectrum cloudification, which is ideal for extending LTE and cellular IoT coverage with a low frequency band.


Extended C-Band Coverage

Operators can use uplink & downlink decoupling to significantly extend C-band's coverage.