CloudBackbone:Converged Network, Improved Efficiency


CloudBackbone:Converged Network, Improved Efficiency

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Huawei's CloudBackbone solution consists of Network Cloud Engine (NCE) and network devices. It features ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent characteristics, helping carriers to implement quick cloud transformation.

First, the CloudBackbone solution provides the industry's largest-capacity backbone routers, NE9000. These routers utilize the industry's first 4T line cards with a capacity of up to 80T, twice the industry average. The routers also provide 400GE ports, increasing the link bandwidth four-fold and ensuring high data transmission efficiency, and feature low power consumption at less than 0.4 W/G, half the industry average.

Second, the CloudBackbone solution simplifies networks in terms of network layer, network protocol, and cross-layer synergy, optimizes the backbone network architecture, and reduces the TCO.

Finally, the CloudBackbone solution provides capabilities of traffic prediction, min-level automatic service provisioning, real-time multi-layer network status visualization and fast adjustment to handle the rapid change of cloud services. It can also identify abnormal route paths and provides protection.

Customer Value

Ultra broadband


•Industry's first 4T line card, 80T/chassis, 2X industry average, supporting 10 years of evolution
• Innovative 400GE E2E solution



• Network layers reduced by P/PE integration and MDS; multiple network nodes into 1
• IP+Optical synergy, TCO saving 30%+



• Traffic forecast accuracy of 85%+, anti-congestion
• Proactive traffic optimization, bandwidth utilization improved to 80%

MPLS Network Optimization

Centralizes path computation and unifies management with Huawei’s innovative PCE algorithm, which improves network bandwith utilization. Reduces capacity expansion pressure, and simplifies network deployment.

IP Network Optimization

Collects traffic information in real time, visualizes traffic distribution and network resource usage, and provides users with data support and implementation methods for on-demand traffic optimization.

Cloud Bearer DCI

Builds DC-centric differentiated DCI backbone networks offering high bandwith, low latency, and intelligence

Leased Line Service Provisioning

Supports automated deployment of E2E leased line services and introduces the MPLS network opimization technology to simplify service deployment and improve network bandwdith utilization.