CloudCore is a Cloud Core network virtualization solution that change core network NE architecture from dedicated hardware to general hardware through Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), decoupling software from hardware. CloudCore provides virtualized NE management function for automatic resource deployment and scheduling, improving network efficiency. In addition, CloudCore provides agile service configuration and interworking, shortening the TTM. The Huawei CloudCore supports virtualization of all core network NEs. Carriers can provide FMC services for any subscribers and terminals through CloudCore.

The Huawei CloudCore Solution have three features:advanced products based on the cloud,easy deployment and efficient operation.

Advanced Products based on the Cloud

Openness:support common hardware and CloudOS;

Extreme Elastic:flexible scale in or out  in minutes;

High Performance:best transfer ability with high speed, virtualization performance is better than the that of industry;

High availability:99.999% availability

Easy Deployment 

E2E integration service;

complete tool suite to improve the integration efficiency;

Complete partner economy system to provide the off-site optimization

Efficient Operation

Fast service deployment in hours based on the MANO;

E2E trouble-shooting;

support the unified operation ,including the cloud-aware and traditional platform

Customer Value


High Reliability

Multi-level HA ensures reliability of 99.999%. Active/standby redundancy or stateless N+M mechanism at the application layer prevents session interruption


Decreased OPEX

MANO-VNFM enables automatic VNF deployment within 1 hour. E2E trouble-shooting to decrease the OPEX


Shortened TTM

Infrastructure independence ensures long-term evolution. Integration and pre-integration with vertical industries, automatic tools, and flow operation reduce the TTM by 80%

Technical Topics

NFV Prime System Integration Service

The most critical challenge for the  NFV transformation entails a multi-vendor integration. Huawei provides its NFV prime integration service to help carriers achieve business success through NFV transformation.

NFV constructs convergent new network

Operators use cloud computing technologies to implement resource sharing, flexible allocation, and software and hardware decoupling.

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